Pulmonary embolisms

pulmonary embolisms can occur almost anytime , how do i know ? 

December 21 2014 , i am 23 healthy Young mom of a 5 year old ,i work as a care taker in a old folks home .

One week before my diagnosis i got really sick from food poisoning (thanks kentucky) and was sick all night ,my ribs were killing me as though i had a cracked rib. The pain was sharp ,i couldn't sleep comfortably ,breath to hard i couldn't even do anything straining. Before i continue i should say i am really though on my body you wouldn't catch me at the clinic for minor stuff. On december 19 ,i went to go see my family doctor , she made me go take x-rays of my ribs for precautions ,i went the same day . The next morning at 7:30 am hospital calls and says i have to go the emergency right away ! Why ?  Miss we think you have pulmonary embolism , the fact that i studied to be a lpn really helped me  that early morning,i knew exactly what they were talking about ,blood clots in the lungs. So i rushed to the emergency where i waited 6 hours just to see the dr, hello quebec health care system.When it was finally my turn i walked in the room to the troubled face of the doctor, he went and said this is really serious you can die, his first words ,awesome am 23 years old my life hasn't started yet and now i might die !Then he asked if i took birth control wich i did , he said to stop taking them asap ,then proceeded by giving a injection to thin out my blood for the night , i had to go back the next morning to do nuclear testing . So the next morning i went back again did the test and waited 2 hours to see the specialist , misses b you have blood clots in both lungs , wow! At this point am freaking out, my aunt who came along with me started crying , so  they think its due to the birth control pill to much hormones in my body no more advil and if i were to get pregnant i will need to get injected to lower my hormone levels . Merry christmas to me , lets get to the meds 260$ for my  meds 2 bottles of blood thinners and a pump to help me breath , thank god i have insurance , i cant imagine people who dont ,its expensive and its christmas and your life depends on these little red pills. I havent  worked in 3 months , i went to go see the specialist last week blood clots all gone . I am relieved , but they can come back anytime wich scares the living crap out of me . It was quite a journey for me but am still here writing to you guys ! 

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