New year new me BS 

Happy new year, so now its Time for you all the make the resolutions that you Will probably break or give up on or just Forget that you made them ( i wanned to lose 15 pounds hmm hmm i got pregnant … With Twins ) that didn’t turn out to great ! Lol 

Seriously though you might want to stop smoking or go to the gym try that new organic grocery store ( wich might cost a little bit more money but the quality is way better) maybe you want to be financially secure fix your relationship or just finish 2015 single . But honestly why do we wait for the new year every year to change or to improve our daily lives? Why don’t you just quit your shitty job ? Leave your shitty relationship, take a risk, go on a road trip , change your Life everyday of the year, you are in control . Half of people that make new year resolutions don’t even stick up to them , why if you ask me , its because we set these goals only once and then just do it for a couple of weeks and get tired of them . 

Therefore I think we should set goals every month and then try  to improve them until we reach or maximum and that we are satisfied with our results . So yes to my opinion New Years resolutions are bs , just make everyday your best day ! 

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