In our generation ,today ,we find ourselves all puzzled. I mean am 24 still sitting here like what am i going to do with my Life , what’s my purpose here on earth ?!? 

Who am i , what should i do , what needs to be done , are all questions i ask myself way too much . I know who i am,i love to laugh,write,help people, meet new people , learn new things, but if i try to go deep inside i don’t know what am suppose to be doing as a career or even what makes me filled with fufillment. You know that saying “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life ”  well i like shopping and day dreaming does that count ?  I am not a lazy person ive had a job since i was 15 , i worked At subways , quiznos, McDonalds,barmaid …. You get the idea ive tried many jobs ! Now i am working at an old folks home , i love my job very much , maybe to much ! See the problem is thats not something i want to do for the rest of my life maybe part time but not forever . 

Society pressures us so much to start making money get a job and pay your taxes , dreams go out the door . Theirs a band called twenty one pilots, what they  sing about makes so much sense just listen to the song “stressed out ” it says it all . So why give up our dreams to be able to fit in ? Isn’t dreaming vital, if i couldn’t dream i would be depressed i wouldn’t have nothing to keep moving forward in life . Dreams feed our souls, yet we are pressured to go to school do this do that , in the end no one is really happy or fufilled inside. Your 20’s should be excitement, crazy ideas ,   experiencing new things , live the dream , be happy , fall in love , not questionning ourselves everyday and what we are suppose to do .

Dream big . Love alot . Live  like tommorow won’t come. Make everyday your best day !  

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