Little girl

So i started writing a book and here is a little preview feel free to comment anything that goes threw your minds while reading it .


I had lost my place and all the attention I cherished so much . That’s when I started being an out of control child , I was mean  and frustrated . I was always punished because I didn’t listen and I was just an angry little kid . I loved everything that touched imagination it was my place where I went when my life was a mess  and I still go there till this day . I loved going to school because it changed my environment, I didn’t like being home . So here I was this little girl that was mad at the whole world because I was not a single child . at some point in my life I blamed my mom for not being able to make the process easy for me , intergrating me in  the fact that I wasn’t gonna be alone anymore . I blamed her for not spending enough time with me , and I thought she didn’t love me anymore I was so angry and sad , I wished sometimes I would die . At school I didn’t have a lot of friends , but the ones I had were great . In the third grade I was bullied by a bunch of boys , they would wait for me everyday after school to beat me up ,they would run after me and shove me on the ground . I would tell my mom but she didn’t believe me because I had said too much lies . one day it got really bad, they were kicking me on a man’s lawn and he came out to scare them away , I was crying so much I couldn’t speak he ended up calling my mom . That day my step dad went to go see all these little boys parents with me to give them shit , the look on those kids faces was priceless . The next day, my teacher spoke to the whole class about bullying and that boys shouldn’t hit girls and she made them say sorry to me in front of the whole class, way to go teacher, I felt so embarrassed, because now everyone knew.



WRITTEN by tiffany barba

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