Baby,Baby,Baby !


Babies are awesome , when i was pregant i remember being so excited to know baby’s gender , i was waiting on that confirmation to go SHOPPING. May i say i love shopping i mean who dosent when its for baby stuff its always fun. I live in the south shore of montreal near too many stores , thats what my bank account thinks anyways.I wanned to share with you my best stores for shopping for baby .



Carters , i love carters for kids because its affordable and cute, they have a large variety of choices and the cutest outfits . I remember when they told me i was expecting two boys , i was very happy of course but boy clothes is so blah , until i went to carters and saw all the variety of different colors its not just blue red green they have alot of different styles .Their baby pyjamas have integrated hand covers so baby dosent scratch his or her face.

zara also has very nice clothes for babies and toddlers , its maybe a little more pricey but still affordable and very stylish.

Babies r us , also really great good prices alot of sizes and what i prefer mostly Kardashian kids kollection wow . I cant get enough of buying their clothes its so adorable and i find the quality of the material really good its not cheap and thin . Their clothes can be sometimes on the pricey side but if you get them on sale then you can have more for your money. Babies r us are also selling carters now but only a small variety so your better off going to the store itself .


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Their is also the childrens place wich i find pricey but quality is very good and the clothes are cute too but i dont really like the boy clothes there i find them blah.A good thing about them is that they have premie clothes for really small babies like one of my twins that weighed 4,15 pounds their pyjamas were good for him .


Overall , their’s baby stores for every budget , and every style, its up too you to know what you like and need. Maybe also you will like to buy online from individuals its up to you , whatever you choose, whats important is the love you give to your baby and the joy they bring to you and your family.



Tiffany xox






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