Breastfeeding and pregnant 

So when I was on my Facebook last week I couldn’t help but notice that a girl had announced her pregnancy . I mean I was happy for her who isn’t but I know she breastfeeds her one year old still . It got me asking myself a lot of questions like is it safe ? How is she going to breastfeed two at once ? So I thought I would do some research since I think it’s interesting to know these things .

So I found that it is perfectly safe to breastfeed while pregnant as long as you eat really well so your unborn baby isn’t deprived of nutrients . So even if you’re finding eating very difficult or having a lot of morning sickness your body will go in overdrive to use all the nutrients possible so you and the baby aren’t deprieved. Once you feel better you will be able to eat a lot of good foods and I mean a lot of it for both of you .

You are going to have too eat for three now so you should be aiming for at least 500-800 extra calories each day ( four servings of protein , and six servings of calcium each day)  don’t forget to drink loads of water , 8 glasses would be enough.

Is it safe?  Breastfeeding while pregnant in most cases will not give you uterine contractions , it should not increase the risk of miscarriage or going into premature labor . Only because the amount of oxytocin normally released when breastfeeding ( oxytocin also stimulates labor ) is not enough to cause the cervix to open prematurely. If you are having a difficult pregnancy or you are at risk for early labor weaning would probably be advisable .

To continue breastfeeding or not while pregnant is you’re decision to make. You might feel more discomfort or may produce less milk , also maybe your child will wean on his or her own because of the change In taste since thecolostrum   comes back .

Either you choose to breastfeed or not it is completely safe to continue doing it as long as your healthy and you are having a risk free pregnancy .

Tiffany barba

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