Why having a baby in 2016 is so annoying 

When we are pregnant we are told what to do what not to do, we get so much doctor appointments that once we give birth we are tired of them ( well I was ) .

When I was pregnant I loved to read and get all the info my brain can handle .i also loved to go on mommy Facebook pages and read what moms thought about certain things , I like to see different opinions ( even if I am very opinionated myself) even if I think the person is being totally mental in her head . In 2016 people are insane , you should basically live in a bubble when your pregnant and that bubble would need it’s air filtered so your unborn baby doesn’t breath toxins or whatever . Now don’t get me wrong am not saying pregnant women should go to the disco and party their life away drink 3 pitchers of beer and fall asleep on a parc bench ( side note i already did , but i was not pregnant and i was 18 ) haha . Now that being said my great grandmother had 3 kids and all three pregnancies she would walk 2 hours to get wood and then bring all the Wood she cut back home on her back . Back then thats what women did , imagine doing that with an infant ! Now days you shouldn’t do much , you should be calm and do the strict minimum. Unless you are having a difficult pregnancy you should walk and move , the world doesn’t stop turning because you’re pregnant.

Social media is good but not good , just last week I saw A girl post that if women don’t breastfeed their babies , they shouldn’t have any . Really?!? So if I can’t breastfeed or simply choose not too I don’t deserve to have a baby , that doesn’t make anybody a bad mother and it’s not child neglect either . Breast is best yes but if that’s something you can’t do or don’t want to do that is ok also . These type of women I like to call them ; breastfeeding natzis , you simply don’t want to bother with these people . 

Every year the rules of taking care of a baby change , now the big thing is baby powder . Now you should not use it your baby might get asthma . Can I say when you put baby powder you shouldn’t be putting it on the baby’s head, ok ! Haha! No really baby powder has been used for years and you should be putting little amounts without it going everywhere , you can even put the powder in the diaper or even lay baby on the tummy and put a little powder, common sense! 

Bumper pads no more ? Really im i the only one that is scared that baby gets his arms stuck between those bars and or hits his head on it ? I dont think so , i have bumper pads for my twins and their not coming down. 

Swaddle baby safe ?!? According to an article i read when swaddling baby you shouldnt put their feet in just their arms. 

I think people are going over the top with all these rules its insane , another reason why i loved my doctor shes down to earth and not psycho ! 
Do you have any weird or funny things people told you when you were pregnant ? 

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