Ebony girl

I saw you ebony girl, the day you were born and cried for the first time

I heard you ebony girl , the day you said your first word

I felt you ebony girl, the smoothness of your skin and beautiful locks

I watched you ebony girl, as you took your first step

I cried for you ebony girl, I cried because i knew how unfair the world was towards you

I admired you ebony girl, I admired the way you danced and had a smile that can shine through the darkest room

I heard them ebony girl, I heard them say you were going to be less than , I heard them tell you that you had the wrong skin color

I saw them ebony girl , I saw them judge you when you walked in a room

I envy you ebony girl, despite all the struggles I still see you as strong

I smiled at you ebony girl, I smiled because i knew you were kind and smart

I felt for you ebony girl , when you were treated as a criminal because of your skin color

I listened to you ebony girl , when you stood up for yourself

I stood up for you ebony girl, when you aged and needed a seat

I believed in you ebony girl, I believed you were going to make it in life

I the ivory person , I loved you for whom you were and are

I the ivory person ,knew your skin color didn’t change anything

I the ivory person,I  listened to your cry for change

I the ivory person, replied to stereotypes made about you

I the ivory person, lended you my hand when you were in need

I the ivory person , I did all the same things as you ,I cried , I walked ,I said my first word,I danced but I was given a better chance

we ebony and ivory , are battling against society

we ebony and ivory, we are going to speak the truth

we ebony and ivory, we are going to fight for you

we ebony and ivory, are the same WE are human , we are love, we are strength and we will fight for you to have your best chance as I have had from the first day I was born .

I saw you ebony girl, you are a lawyer, ebony girl you’re a doctor,you’re a scientist, a president , a mother,an educator

you ebony girl, you are me and I am you and we are the world.

“I have a dream that one day little black boys and girls will be holding hands with little white boys and girls.”
Martin Luther King Jr., I Have A Dream  http://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/23924.Martin_Luther_King_Jr_ 

Adoption_74973c  written by Tiffany Barba

photo credit: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/

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