End of my maternity leave

Oh this dreaded moment has come , I have been looking for solutions of how I can not go back to work but nothing really paid off. Let’s be honest I like a comfortable lifestyle and wouldn’t want it any other way , so I decided it was time to get back to work and help my household financially and so I can save up for a house, God knows I want my country house with a garden , a tree swing and a big yard! 

But I feel like I’m abandoning my kids , why ? Because steryotypes make me feel that way , society makes me feel that way and let’s not hide it the MONSTER in law made me feel that way ! I feel outraged because geez I’m only going to work for 4 days per week and yet, it, the monster in law made me feel like shit ! Why you may ask or wonder ? 

As I broke the news to IT she freaked out , she said and I quote ” how’s my son going to do it ? Hes going to finish work and be so tired and then hes going to have to take care of the kids! ” at that moment i’m thinking to myself how inconsiderent of her , how dare she only thinks of the well being of her son , listen ill’ be tired too genius ! She goes on saying things like I didnt work until the kids went to school and I had a home day care so I can be with them , my husband didnt have to make supper because I was home…… Bla-bla-bla !!! At this point im outraged and tell it hey were not in the 1940’s any more were in 2016 and youre son is not handicaped he will survive , hes not going to die hes just going to learn how to be the man of the house! It rants off about having to go help her son at MY house because it dosent make any sense ….. Shes a nut , I freakin dare it to come at my house and try to control everything as she thinks her way is the best way because thats how it feels about herself ! 

Now because of IT I feel judged because im going back to work when I shouldnt be feeling that way ! I work in a old folks home and that makes me nervous as Hell because I know that some roms will have different people in them some of my favorite patients will be gone to the  otherside and all thought its part of life I cant help but feel worried about what im going to find on my floor ! Circle of life right ? 

After all im excited because I will be getting out the house and having conversations with people who are older than 6 years old (haha) and I will be fufilling my need to help and listen to others needs and feelings and that makes me feel really good ! 
Tiffany Barba 

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