Diary of a pab, entry 1 

So my maternity leave has ended and yes I am officially back to work , I’m happy to be back , I missed my job ! My first shift was on the Alzheimer’s floor I can say I was nervous, first of all not many want to work on that floor I don’t know why really because I like it I find it interesting I studied Alzheimer’s a lot in my license practical nurse program to have the knowledge to comprehend most of it . I chose not be a nurse after all because I prefer to give patients all my attention although being a nurse is caring and being there also I found that the job was less hands on then being a pab .yes I get to change soiled briefs and pick up puke and find a patient full of stool because they played in their underwear, but on the other hand I also get to comb their hair , feed them and listen to their stories of when they were young and that makes me happy! On my first shift this beautiful lady with her shinny white hair thought she was at her job and she wanned to hire me to help take care of people . She said that her husband and her had a company but he was out of town but soon he will be back and I can work for them . I replied that it would be my honor to work for them , man was she happy , after she went on to her business ( meaning walking up and down the hall ) . My next patient was a man who once was a pharmacist a very tall man I found him sleeping in different beds all night , he didn’t speak a word to me the whole time . Another lady was waiting for her sister all night until I had to let her know she wasn’t coming tonight and I proceeded to get her ready for bed . Then she was trying to remember what her sisters number was so I waited but she couldn’t remember and was getting angry at herself so I Had to change her mind so I told her to tell me about her sister while we were putting her pyjamas on and so she did and proceeded to fall asleep shortly after that . My shift went by pretty fast and I walked out of there feeling awesome and happy with myself . I still see every time I looked at one of my patients the face of my mom, my dad I can’t help but think that one day it might be them in that bed trying to remember or feeling scared because they don’t know where they are and I do hope I can be there for them when that time comes . Working in long term care makes you see that life’s isn’t something that should be taken lightly you should live every moment to the fullest and do what makes you happy because one day you can be that lost soul and life goes by so fast it’s important to know this and to be happy ! 

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