Diary of a pab entry 2 

So it’s been a couple of weeks since my last entry so much has happened . The life of a working mom with twins and a 6 year old isn’t easy I feel like I don’t stop like ever , the only reason why I have time today is because the twins are sick since last Wednesday and my oldest is at school , the house is some what decent and I can relax for a little bit .

So as you know I’m working on the Alzheimer’s floor which I actually love . People at my job don’t like working there because they find it difficult at times and yes it can be . It’s just a lot of repeating , patience and love that’s all they really need is love . Out of all the floors I’ve been on I’ve seen that it’s the place where patients get the most visit, where families actually give a shit ! The families are persistent in their visits even if their loved one disent always remember them and that’s what is sad about Alzheimer’s, forgetting. 

Working on that floor can be also very sad sometimes because people want to go home , they are not really there mentally , either they think their working or that they are staying in a hotel , sometimes their looking for their parents ( which aren’t part of the physical world anymore) sometimes they need to go pick up their kids ect. I feel like the worst part of it all is lying to them , but I kinda have to or else I will cause them confusion , frustration or a big melt down . One man was a pharmacist his whole life and he is constantly trying to go to work , I have to tell him that the pharmacy is closed for today it’s his day off and he will accept it but 10 minutes later he will come back and ask me  again . Another looses her room every 5 minutes and I tuck her in bed maybe 5 times every shift this is why it takes patience and dedication you can’t be an impatient person to do this and even if it’s the fifth time putting her in bed I’ll do it as nicely and calmly as I did the first time . What bothers me about this floor is the fact that they only have half of a wing and it’s locked and unless their families take them for walks outside of the floor they are always there and confined to that floor all day everyday . 
I’m seriously thinking of opening my own center but only for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients one big floor and a beautiful yard with flowers and swings were they can roam wherever they want safely . 
Tiffany Barba 

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