Is true love real?

True love we see it everywhere movies, books , tv shows and the list goes on , yet is it real ? How can one human being be with the same person all their life how is this even possible ? We are constantly changing and maturing every year of our lives ?

We as humans , people , living everyday and experiencing a bunch of new things, milestones ! We are having children getting married changing jobs even careers , finding our life path ! Every time we achieve a milestone we change our perspective, every time we meet someone we change our thoughts our feelings . We are constantly changing and evolving into the people we want to be , we meet different people when we are in different places in our lives , people you probably won’t talk to in year when you have changed yet again ! 

If we are constantly changing then how can one person be with the same other person for the rest of their lives ? You can’t , when you met this person you were in this state in this mindset where both of you had common goals , similarities, once you start changing and learning and moving on from different things in life how can you be at the same place as the other since you are both two very different people ! So how are two people that were in synch stay in synch when life happens ? Maybe it’s because you haven’t met “the one” ! How do people do it , do you just declare forfeit and say hey this is what I get I’ll just stay like this all my life and pretend to be happy for ever ! I know I’m sounding like I’m the one who’s just really miserable , but in all honesty I do question these things ! How do you evolve with your partner at the same time and manage to have things in common for the rest of your life ? I use to admire people who were together for years now that I’m all grown up I don’t get it , how can you be so sure , what if I want to butterflies in my stomach everyday or even the feeling of missing someone so much it kills me not to see them ! I want to love that person the way I did the first time I saw them , unfortunately it just all goes away after a while and then things change and your relationship becomes boring you do the same thing on a daily basis ,you don’t talk anymore you don’t laugh like you use too, you don’t FEEL . 

This is why I reflect this way about love because it’s temporary for who you are now , until you find that person who makes you feel extraordinary every day of every minute of your existence,someone who wants to grow with you not apart from you ! Only  then , you will know what true love is ! 

Thoughts by Tiffany !

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