2017 ….. 

A new year has started it’s time to be optimistic that things will be great . I usually don’t believe in resolutions because it’s a well known fact that we only make a couple of them happen.

This year , I would love to stop smoking cigarettes , oh gosh do I stink ! I would also love to have more money coming in so I’m going to get a second job ! Just like many of us I have debts unfortunately, therefor I want to learn to manage my money better ! Since the arrival of the twins and my hubby not working for a whole winter we’ve have had a hard time going back up the hill financially. As I’m writing to you I don’t even have a phone line because it’s been cut off for the millionth time ! I work for the school board since October and since they upgraded my position I haven’t had a pay in a month . I have always been in the denial about my financial situation because I can’t come to terms with it . I’m a very optimistic person so I know better days are ahead , but no one knows when , not even me ! At least we have food a roof and clothes and so much love to give . The funny thing is I’m struggling yet I can’t stop myself from helping others , I’ve bought food for a homeless man when I didn’t even have a lot for myself . I have a whole 5 dollar bill to the Salvation Army donation box and to a food bank society because they had helped me in the past and I thought it was my turn to give . I call those karma points every time you do something good for someone you get a point in your karma bank and maybe one day your karma bank will pay back . See some people are happy with just the minimum but I know I can’t I don’t want to give my children less than I had because that wouldn’t make sense to me . Just to clarify I’m not talking about materialistic things because we all know that material isn’t everything ! All that being said , I need to find a second job until I pay everything off , I need to feed my body three meals a day which I don’t . I’m use to not eating because of my past , when I was sixteen I was all by myself in Montreal and I didn’t have money for food so I would eat once a day and that was when I went to work ( I worked at McDonald’s) so if I didn’t work I didn’t eat but I worked 6 days a week so it was ok ! My body is used to that so I don’t really get hungry that much . Anyways , enough about all this sad stuff and let’s move on with the new .

So to finish my resolutions are being more good to my body , financial stability and stop smoking I have three and I think I should be able to follow these !

Happy New Years to all may you have greatness and happiness in your life !
Tiffany barba

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