like a freshly planted seed I learn to grow in my enviroment, as a sprout I grow in my world amongs the others, as a child i learn to play, count ,respect love and care for others, as I grow and flower I am beautiful so beautiful, I find love, love like the sun feeds me , my baby sprouts will grow strong and happy i am so devoted to them , as time goes by my sprouts have flowered like me , my leaves arent as pretty and fresh as they used to be but their hanging on , here comes a storm my children made it threw but one of my leaves fell off ,i am weak ,I find myself laying in this bed where people come in and out , I feel exposed , alone,broken,dry,cold is this all their is ,  is this the end, I pray god they be nice to me please don’t hurt me please respect my dignity, my privacy, my children are too busy for me, my love my dear love i will meet you soon my leaves are falling one by one I am weak I am delicat , time is going by so fast , this is not what I wanned for my life , I grew, I shined and like a flower without anymore leaves I died , I am in peace no more worries, I am happy beautiful shinning , dear children,  dear health workers , hopefully you were kind I was just like a dusty old book that no one would dare touch but if you opened to the first page you would of seen am amazing so much storys to tell , so much to share, I am somebody i am important, I loved, I laughed, I cried now am resting up in the sky I love it here …….. I am a fresh new seed and this is my life ❤
wrote this on my first stage a big eye opener for you health workers out there !!!

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