This morning I’m at the hospital god I love coming here ( sarcasm ) !  See I have a small cancer in my lady parts so I’m here to do a biopsy , again !

First of all, that shit is painful as f*** even if the specialist says it doesn’t hurt , she probably read that in the books because totally not true ! They cut a piece of you with a scalpel so you think it wouldn’t hurt at all right ( hahaha) . My appointment was at 9:40 am I arrived 5 minutes late , the secretary makes a funny face because I know she saw that I was late and says to me thankfully you’re not that late the doctor only accepts 15 minutes or else you have to reschedule. Well, I replied to the secretary with a beautiful smirk on my face: that’s funny because you have to wait 45 minutes in her office just to see her ! Her face was priceless, and I thought I was hilarious ( as always ) . Now it’s 10:17 still waiting , can you imagine I know theirs a lot of notes to take and follow ups and stuff when you’re a doctor but it’s always so freakin long . At least it gives me time to write about it , stres about it …. All you can read on the walls is about cancer you know that famous C word no one likes , ya well it’s everywhere ! Way to go for a stress free zone , but I get it we need to be aware of C words and all but I can’t help being stressed about it especially that I have it ! 10:22 still no doctor , maybe I should make her wait since she’s more than 15 minutes late !  So I’m having a beautiful conversation here with my phone , exciting , I’ve thought about the fact that I was hungry like 3 times , then checked Facebook , then stared at the creepy posters of the C word now wondering what’s this lady doing , it’s 10:30 now btw ! I’ve been here for 40 freaking minutes , I feel like I’m torturing myself because I’m waiting for a pain examination. So I’ve been waiting for 40 minutes for pain ! Every time she’s late I feel like giving her shit but I don’t cause I have respect ( unfortunately) ! I’m missing a day at work for this , she clearly isn’t !! This is Quebec’s health care system for you , a couple of pictures for you ! I snap chatted , its now 10:45 folks where’s the doctor , I would have time to die 4 times and be reanimated and still be waiting ! It’s now 11:13 im in my car , going home ! P.s: I cried like a baby shit this hurts ! 


Tiffany barba

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