Spices anyone ?

We all know how eating is the main thing we all need to function 100% in our everyday lives . I like to cook , but having three kids , I don't want it to take too long ! We all have our own financial struggles or not , I'm ok but I want to learn how to cook on a budget ! My farm house is waiting for me, therefore , I need to start saving ! So here is my cooking plan for the next year ;

– my groceries cost me about 450$ a month !

Now if I divide 450 by 30 = I get 15$

So each meal costs me 15$ to make each day so 3 times a day is 5$

– Being an independent consultant with epicure I have the tools to make my budget go down and save ( you don't have to be with epicure FYI )

Ok , lets start with breakfast the most important meal of the day :

So this recipe costs 1,30$ / serving times 4 = 5.20 *if your a vegetarian you can replace the eggs with tofu

Oatmeal and fruit : cost 1,86/ portion ( oatmeal is a great source of energy ) what's awesome about these steamers you pop them in the microwave 2 minutes and your oatmeal is ready ! 1,86$ times 4 = 7,44$ now knowing I buy oatmeal in bulk I can save 1,50$ on it and you can replace the milk with water , it's less creamy but it works so I'm now saving a 2$ , minus 3,50$ I get 3,94$ ! Awesome right ?!

Egg Mc muffin healthy version costs 1,62$ / portion 6,48$ for 4 * remember we saved in the last recipe so it's ok !

Let's go see our lunch menu

Let's go with a colorful soup 0,65$/ portion 2,60$ wow perfect !

This recipe calls for possible leftovers , freeze and reheat !

Quinoa salad et goat cheese ( I'll probably use feta ) 0,86$/ portion 3,44$

Tuna bowl a little more pricy but once in a while 2,49$ / portion times 4 is almost 10$ but I know that my children want really like it so let's say just for me 2,50$

Supper time

Pasta casserole 0,77$ / portion 3,08$ wow for a plate with shrimp in it that's impressive !

Meatloaf 1,11$/ portion 4,44$ saving again !

This recipe book is 25$ and you can find it here : https://tiffanybarba2.epicure.com

Let's see the final numbers : all these recipes added together give me 29,78$ let's say I pick 3 = 8,99$ / per day times 30 = 269,70$ per month now everybody needs variety and I know that some ingredients will be used again for other recipes and that I can substitute with cheaper things . I'll add 75$ my total is 344,70$

So I save 450$-344,70$ = 105,30$ x 12 = 1,263,60$

All these recipes take up to 15 minutes tops to make , if you want to start eating clean and if you want to know what's in your plate go check my website , you will find a variety of things from recipes to spices and ready to make meals for everyday life !

What are you're cheap alternatives for meal ideas ?


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