Her friend

There’s this girl , she has a friend , her friend, when she wakes up makes her think about everything that can go wrong that day , when she’s with her friend she puts on a pair of grey shades , the grey shades only allow her to see in grey , when she goes to work , and if someone doesn’t smile back at her , her friend automatically tells her that the person doesn’t like her very much . She then feels very heavy and out of place , if people are laughing in a room or if they don’t invite her somewhere her friend tells her that they were talking behind her back and that they don’t want to be around her , when that happens she feels sad and wants to change who she is to be able to fit in ! When she tries something new , her friend again reminds her of everything that can go wrong with her idea instead of pointing out the positive things that can go right ! Her friend follows her home and when she gets to go to sleep she sometimes forgets to take her grey shades off , when that happens , her friend reminds her of all the mistakes she’s done , the sad memories and makes her feel worthless because of these overwhelming thoughts and it takes her forever to fall asleep ! She can go on like this for days , she doesn’t go out in public much unless she has too because her friend makes her feel awkward , out of place and imposing ! She stays away from social gatherings when she’s with her friend because it’s not a good fit .Sometimes she tries too hard because she feels that people won’t like her the way she is ! Some mornings they don’t want to go to work because it’s too hard for them to go out and they give up . On some days she doesn’t talk to her friend and in her car she finds pink shades , when she wears those the world seems way more beautiful and everyone is way nicer , her days are filled with sunshine because she sees the world in pink ! When she gets home she gets a call from her friend Anxiety , and sometimes she doesn’t pick up because she knows how anxiety is , she loves her because she part of her , but she doesn’t want to be around her because she hurts her ! Maybe , one day , the girl will get rid of her grey shades , she just needs to figure out how ! Do you have a friend like this too ?

Tiffany Barba

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