Bath bombs

One thing I enjoy is creating things of all kinds . I decided I’d try to make bath bombs , since I like when my things are different I’ve added a message inside ! I know I’m surely not the first , but I figured it would be perfect for gift giving season . Bath bombs are soooo easy to make and you can find the ingredients almost anywhere . If you want to make them here are a couple things you need to buy ;

  1. Citric acid
  2. Sodium bicarbonate
  3. Molds
  4. Colouring powder ( I bought the kind you use for soap making )
  5. Essential oils that are good for the skin

6.Coconut oil or jojoba

These are the basics , then you let your imagination run free by adding dry flowers or glitter ..

Have you tried making some ? What are your favorite kinds ?



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Mother of 3 maybe 4 one day , a head full of ideas but so little time in a day ! I aspire to be an author , I love to share my journey of life to help others. Here you will find a bunch of different things because my brain is unable to just focus on one thing !!! I hope you enjoy my blog , looking forward to exchange with all of you . Sincerely , Tiffany

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