5 everyday items that can be used for different purposes….

We all have stuff in our houses that we use for only one thing in particular , you will be glad to know that some household items have different purposes . I thought it would be nice if I gave you a quick guide about them ! Hope you like it and if you have other tricks please let me know in the comments .

Aspirin , as we all know can be good for headaches , hangovers and even people with blood clot problems but did you know you can use it for ;

Removing blood stains , dissolve an aspirin in a little bit of lukewarm water then rub the solution on the stain and rinse with cold water .Plantar wart , break down 6 aspirins in Vaseline , dip your foot in water and then add the mixture to your wart .

Fresh cut flowers , most of us know this trick , pour water in the vase , place the flowers and dissolve an aspirin in it . They should stay fresh longer !

Avocado , we all know we can eat it , make a shake with it but did you know ;

Hair mask , purée 1/2 of your avocado , 1 TBS (15 ml ) of olive oil and one egg yolk . After shampooing your hair add the purée to your hair and massage . Leave 5 minutes and rinse .

Face hydrater, for dry skin , squish a half avocado in sweet almond oil . Leave for 15-20 min then rinse with lukewarm water .

Banana’s, personally I’ll have anything banana flavoured but did you know ;

Stained hands , if you stain your hands with ink or marker , you can use the inside of the banana peel!

Morning sickness , having regular healthy banana snacks between meals keeps your blood sugar stable and prevents having morning sickness .

Vanilla , we use vanilla in almost every dessert recipe but did you know you can use it for ;

Bruises , you know when your child falls and hits his head pretty hard ? You know what happens next right ? A huge bruise , well next time it happens get some vanilla extract dab it on add sugar , no more swelling. I use this method with my kids and it always works !

Paint smell , to stop smelling the fresh paint you just put on your walls , on low heat add a pot of water with a bit of vanilla extract and let simmer .

Uncooked spaghetti, you can light hard to reach candles with it !

Their still is so much more , what items do you use in your household that have different purposes ?


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