When there’s a will , there’s a way !

So is this you 🔝 , if so I think we all at some point in our life been in this position . Now the key is to not stay in this viscous cycle and do something about it . I know what your thinking , that’s a big risk , I’m not sure if I can do it …… The answer is , yes you can ! I know I sound insane and I probably am ( sometimes ) !or is it most of the time , anyhow , moving on .

Let me take you back on when I was on my maternity leave with the twins , I tried everything to not go back to work . I was so in love with the honest company I wanted to start my own diaper importing business. I spent a lot of hours on this project made my own website spent a lot of money … ( exhales ) I didn’t do it because it was way more complex then it sounded , because I didn’t have the thousands of dollars it would take . So I went back to work , taking care of the elderly which I loved . But it didn’t feel right , I wasn’t happy and if theirs one place you don’t go to work if your heart is not in it , this was it . I’m sorry too many people go in health care for the money and not enough for the heart ! That’s a well known fact I’ve seen it a lot , I saw a nurse and a pab refuse to pick up puke because they couldn’t handle the smell STUPID much ? Yes indeed !! So one day I said fuck it , I called human ressources and I quit . I wasn’t happy , I didn’t want the people I was taking care of feel it and on top of that I had a whole world of opportunities waiting for me . I did the move , I took a big risk , I didn’t have money put away for a rainy day . I had to turn the fuck*** page , and this is what I want you to learn today and I say it in my book also .

If your not happy with your life turn the f-ing page , your not getting what you want in your relationship turn the f-ing page , your boss is a piece of shit turn the page , you get the point . We have one life to live and we need to live it to the fullest , take risks , make bad choices , pack and go . Theirs a solution for everything and it’s seems more difficult than it truly is . The non optimistic people I can hear you but I swear to you , it’s worth it !

Anyways , I won’t tell you that I’m a millionaire today because I quit a job but I wish , seriously though I don’t regret it . Your happiness comes first because if you don’t take care of what’s best for you nobody will , Can I get an amen ? The choices you make today will affect your life , it’s your life you should choose on how to live it , don’t be in your death bed saying I should of turned that f-ing page 20, 30, 40 years ago . Make a move it’s your story and your the main character !

r something you always wanted to do but didn’t have the guts to do it ?


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