Why my children only get one gift from Santa Claus !

As we all know Christmas is coming pretty fast , and while most of us have started to decorate already , others are starting their Christmas list shopping . Since last year , I’ve decided my children will only have one gift from Santa . Now before you start thinking I’m cheap , let me explain !

We all have our different Christmas traditions and usually we go with what we experienced as children . I always had a full loaded Christmas tree on the 25th of December ( to be fair we were four kids ) and that’s the memory I had , the food , the lights my step dad would put around our bedroom windows and the presents 🎁. Then I became a parent and wanted to keep all those good memories going , being a good hearted person , I listened . I listened to my daughter tell me one year that her friend in her class only had 2 Christmas gifts from Santa and that she had a lot , she then told me ; I guess she was not very nice this year . My thought was maybe mom and dad didn’t have much money for presents or maybe their not materialistic people , or even they are not heavy consumers of the Christmas marketing .

Speaking for myself , I’m a bit overboard , I can’t help it , I see all these cool toys that I wish I could play with when I was a kid and buy them . Then they sit in my closet till Christmas Eve , and the only wish I have is to unbox them and play. One year I got her a furby , not because she asked for it , because mom wanted to have an excuse to play with it ! Well obviously I’m a little crazy , but hey I got to play with a furby guys !

Anyhow , my children get only one gift from Santa and 3 gifts from mom and dad , why ? Because when my child goes back to school after Christmas break , her and all the other kids will talk about what they got , my child will say that she got one gift from Santa . That child that mom and dad couldn’t afford to buy a thousand gifts or even 1 won’t feel like they did something wrong . why would Santa prefer my child to another child ? What if that child was better behaved then mine , but they only got one gift !

See it’s about being selfless and not thinking only about you but about what other people might go threw and how just with one simple thing you can change someone’s perspective! You can make a child feel more like the others , no matter their families financial situation just by doing that . Of course you don’t have too and I won’t judge you otherwise , but it’s just a thought !

What are your Christmas traditions or views on this topic ?


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