My hat

You left , like a gust of wind blew your hat off , your running to catch it , the faster you run , the further it goes , and then you stop , you realize that your hat is nowhere in sight , you run left you run right , go back to find out that your hat is gone forever , as I layed on your chest and you took your last breath , I knew just like a hat that the comfort you gave me would never come back , the warmth of your love will stay forever , and like a hat on a cold winter day , I need you , as we saw to your final rest , I found my hat , I kept it , thinking you would come back , I was angry you left , I was thinking that if you could come back down to earth , the world would start to turn again , but I had to let you go because I couldn’t let you suffer no more , I’ll keep the hat to carry me threw life until it becomes all worn down and we can fix it together . Like my heart who lost a piece , when yours didn’t beat no longer , I miss you everyday , I sometimes lay awake . Until we meet again , ill keep your words to heart with the hat until I depart !

In loving memory of my grandma …. the one who always believed in me


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