My new self

First of all , happy new year to all of you who read me . I truly hope 2018 will be an amazing year for each and everyone of you .

I will be closing a very heavy door for 2018 , this year will be a year where I will start doing more for myself and my happiness. I didn’t take good care of Tiffany in 2017 and she needs a lot of TLC . For the past three months I was working two jobs , being a mother of three and a partner . I was overworked , under slept and globally a mess , but I kept putting a foot in front of the other . If I decide to be honest with you all , I got the second job so I can run away from my life just for a minute . While I was working I wasn’t thinking of anything , I wasn’t grieving like I should have and I was away from the chaos around me ! It felt nice until I understood why I did it ! Life is not easy and us humans are even more difficult and we are the reason why life is hard . Overthinking will bring you down too your knees , too much stress will kill your happiness and not being fulfilled will give you no reason to wake up every morning .

When I was younger I went threw some tough shit , I could of turned out to be homeless , a prostitute , a drug addict or even maybe killed somewhere . I didn’t , there’s one thing that has always kept me going , when I was maybe 10 years old all the way to last year , grandma always said to me ; when you were born , your uncle held you in his arms and the first thing he said was : she is going to be a very special person and she will do great things ! I never met him because he died of aids when I was three months old , but those words kept me going all my life , I know deep inside that I have a purpose in this world and I won’t stop until I feel like I’ve achieved it .

2018 will be a year with no more procrastinating because I’m the queen of it , I will start taking more care of my body and eat three times a day like I should . I will strive for the stars when it comes to my career goals , I’m going to finish my book for once and for all . I’m going to take a yoga class , I will go out with my friends because I haven’t in over a year now , I’m going to put together the pieces of my life one by one so I can have a clear picture of where I’m going . I’ll surround myself with great people that I can grow with , I’ll stop trying so hard for people to like me and I will just be myself for a while .

Happy New Years to all , I wish you , health , love and happiness !


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