Girl power

Have you ever been somewhere and knew right at that moment you were at the right place , right time ? Tuesday it happened to me and I’m so glad it did ! On Facebook I follow a mom group , well I follow a couple but this one is my favourite because the girls whom are on it aren’t crazy people , they never fight or judge you no matter the question you ask. Basically , it’s a safe place for moms to share everything and anything . A week ago their was an ad that one of the girls put for her business , she was looking for models for wedding and bridesmaids dresses . Being a model for a day …. hmm yes !!! So I said I was interested but it was on a Tuesday so I had to take a day off work and I did . It was one of the best days of my life , seriously a good move but I didn’t know it yet . I get there in the morning and I’m a bit nervous , I don’t know these people , anxiety kicked in a bit . I go in this room and I see a couple of girls and some beautiful dresses , ok this is really happening . The owner of the shop hands us some dresses to try on .

After that , we are all sitting on the floor waiting for the makeup artist and we’re talking about everything and nothing . In other words , conversation was really easy with this group of girls . We all presented our selves like we were in grade 1 , as if it was the first day of school . I found it so inspiring , everyone actually listened to each other , wow , a group of women , strangers , sitting on a floor and supporting each other . I didn’t feel judged , their was no “female competition ” we were all on the same level , together . I felt this closeness that I haven’t felt in a long time , with complete strangers .

When I got into my car , I was on a cloud , I knew what it was …. it was girl power . Women supporting women , a connection of being whom we are freely without being judged, it’s amazing . It felt nice to feel that openness to one and other and I think we were all meant to meet each other because we bonded so easily . I believe women should bring each other up instead of tearing each other down . I believe we should support each other no matter what , it takes a woman to understand an another !

I know to some this may not mean much , but in the world we live in , our jobs our mommy title , our careers . We women are judged way too often , no matter what we do. If we could live in a world of “calling off work Tuesdays ” the world would be a better place !

Here is a picture that speaks a thousand words about that day 🔽

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Tiffany Barba

One thought on “Girl power

  1. ❤️❤️❤️ une super journée qui met un baume sur des journée où l’on vit plus difficilement .
    Une journée où ont appuie sur pause l’instant d’un monent . Où les sourires , les rires sont présent . Ou l’amour de voir nos enfants s’amuser LIBREMENT, sans tout corriger et remettre a sa place 🤗😻
    Une bien belle journée 😘
    Merci d’avoir contribuer a cette belle journée ❤️


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