To you , the absent father that I have to praise !

To you who wears this title but is not worthy of it , still I have to give it to you .

To you who doesn’t call and that I have to make excuses for .

To you , who missed important milestones , I still paint you in the picture .

To you who is absent and that is at “work”.

To you who does not make an effort to change but I say you’re working hard on changing .

To you “father” I will continue to make the most beautiful picture of you , until one day this small person becomes an adult and notices the flaws of the painting I’ve made . Inside of me I’m angry at you , I think you’re lazy and that you don’t realize how amazing this small person is . She / he is worth you’re time , love and effort but you don’t see it now . Unfortunately, one day it will be too late and their will be nothing you can do to fix it .

Never will she / he know how I feel about you or the tears I cried when she / he asked where you were ! Never will she / he know all the things I went threw trying to make you understand the importance of being around . You will always be the good guy who works a lot and is making changes in his life to be a great father . You will be the guy with a big heart , smart and loyal .

You will always be in this beautiful picture , lucky you ! Until , one day , the rain washes of the paint and their will be nothing to show but an empty canvas .

Tiffany Barba

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