What does your blood type say about you ?

As I was doing my morning scroll on Facebook, because for me it’s like reading the paper . I couldn’t help but notice someone who posted about their blood type and how your personality can be affected by it !

First of all , I didn’t know their was such a thing and in most Asian cultures it is , your blood type can be asked during an interview. I guess it is kind of important to some people , shall we dig in ?

Group A

Careful , sympathetic , nervous , honest , loyal , tendency to be anxious , good friends

Group a people have the tendency to put others first . They are great listeners and good friends but usually suffer of anxiety on the inside . They have tendency to bottle up their feelings , until they explode ! Although they are very sociable , they strive in work areas where they are alone ex: programmers or librarians .

Group B

Ambitious , empathetic , flexible , irresponsible , distracted , friend to animals

Group b people have the capacity to get along with all groups of people that’s why they are called the ” chameleon group ” . They also love going their own way , you know the saying ; it’s my way or the high way ! Job wise , they are great in being leaders or working to help people .

Group AB

Strong , rational , creative , moody , unpredictable

This group is the popular group , they are very easy going and loved by all . They are very easy going people , they don’t like to live in anybody’s box . Get bored easily , introvert and extrovert. They react to stress poorly and like group b’s they can be great leaders and will strive in jobs where they can work as a team and alone to give a good balance .

Group O

Sociable , energetic , extrovert , stubborn , positive and insecure

Group O people are confident and strong-willed people , they also make great leaders . They are great at organizing , they can take an idea and run with it . Group O’s strive in athletics, they are strong . Although they are extrovert they need a lot of time alone .

I thought this was a very interesting article to write about , I think my description fits perfectly with who I am . What’s your blood type ?

Tiffany Barba

Sources : https://bodyecology.com/articles/link_blood_type_personality_diet.php


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