What happened ?

Everywhere we go , we are surrounded by busy people with loaded brains but no heart . Videos of people living hell but not one helping hand . Stress is everywhere you feel it in the air . Tolerance ? Y’a right ! Love your neighbors , who knows what that is anymore ?

What happened to compassion?

What happened to helping one another?

What happened to listening ?

What happened to love ?

Racism is still in style ! Why it’s just colour ! What if you were blind would you see a difference ?

Human connections are lost , we have wifi !

Bullying is free but not the therapist!

Pollution is everywhere so are garbage cans !

Unhappy kids , send them an emoji!

Kids too active in school , no problem . Medicated

Courtesy , google it !

Relationship is too difficult ? Tinder

You see the pattern here and we can go on for days ! People , society , humanity should start waking up before it’s too late ! Once a day try doing something good for someone else , throw out a piece of paper you saw on the floor . Hold the door for someone , ask someone if you can help with their bags at the store . Smile at people , yes some might think you’re weird but maybe they will end up smiling at someone else . Be a good human .

Tiffany xoxo

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