Helping people is my biggest goal in life , ive always loved to give a helping hand to anybody who needs it . I have taken a life coaching course and im starting a health coaching one soon .  Here is a list of what I will be offering :


Life coaching sessions

Together we will determine your needs , make a plan on how to achieve your goals and have follow up sessions . I will send you some homework for you to do and any material that I find appropriate for your situation .


Accountability coaching

You know what you need to do but you are overwhelmed , not motivated enough or your middle name is AKA the procrastinator ! Accountability coaching is a call to action , a challenge , a goal to work thowards .  To succeed you need to be ready to work , I will be there as Partner / guide to help you . When you take on the responsibility of being accountable , you are taking a step to achieving your goal .


Health coaching

Coming soon …….